Please Note: Customer Service office hour is 00:00AM-09:00am UTC Monday-Friday. Please allow up to three days for a response.

Is it possible to link my account to Facebook?

Yes! You can link your account to Facebook by following these simple steps. From the main menu, click on INFO, then ACCOUNT, and you'll see the Facebook option.

Is it possible to unlink/exchange my account from Facebook?

Unfortunately, no. Once you have linked your account to Facebook, it is impossible to unlink it or switch it to a different facebook account. When you chose to link your account to Facebook, we made sure to add in a reminder that the process is permanent. If you decided to delete your Facebook account, remember that you will also lose any information regarding AstroNest as well.

Why can't I see my Facebook allies?

First, please make sure that you and your allies are playing on the same server. If you are, then there is a simple way to remedy this. First, please go to your Facebook app, click on SETTINGS, and then click on APPS. You should see AstroNest there. Delete AstroNest from your Facebook app list. Next, go to the AstroNest app and it will ask you to log in through Facebook again. Once you have done this, you will be able to see your friends.

Why can't I see my account?

There are a few reasons that might be the cause of this issue. First, please make sure you have logged into the correct server.  Next, if your account is connected to Facebook, please make sure that you are on the proper Facebook account and try again. If this does not help, then please send us a ticket with your server, nation name and number and we will do our best to fix this issue.

I want to change from an iOS phone/tablet to an Android phone/tablet. Can I do this without losing my information?(Work both ways)

Yes! If you have your account connected to Facebook, you will not lose your information while transferring devices or operating systems.

Can you give me advise on game play and/or strategy?

We have an amazing AstroNest Community on Facebook that is filled with welcoming players willing to offer their advise and expertise! You can join the community here: 

I made a purchase but I have not received anything!

First, please make sure that the payment went through as sometimes a confirmation receipt shows up, but the actual transaction does not process. If it did, then wait a few moments and then check your items to see if they might have just been delayed. If you still do not receive anything, please send up a support ticket with your server, nation name and number and a screenshot of the receipt with the order number and we will look further into the issue.

Please Note: Due to Apple policy, AN Games CANNOT directly refund your purchases.

How do League points work in the case of a tie?

Ties are not very common in the game, but in regards to League, we always determine the winner from these three criteria. First, number of medals/stars, then number of attacks used, and finally whoever reached the number of medals first.

Sometimes I get attacked more than once per hour. What is going on?

The simple fix to this is to make sure that you accept the log in reward every day. If you accept the reward, you are guaranteed an hour shield after every attack.